Hi, My name is Ameera, better known as ameerak!

I have always been in to all things beauty and fashion.  I started off years ago, in college, by creating and posting make-up looks inspired by my favorite beauty influencers on Instagram.  As time passed, I began creating my own looks and added some aspects of fashion into the mix.  Now, a few years later I have decided to expand my Instagram posts into a blog, where I can share more with you beyond my beauty and fashion. Having a background in psychology, I want to provide you with a new blog experience: one that not only highlights your outer beauty, but reminds you how imperative inner beauty is, as well.  Having worked with several brands and interacting with other bloggers has been an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to grow more. I’m so excited to share my must-have products, must-buy clothes, and must-hear words of wisdom with you.  Stay tuned!